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Welcome To Your Simple Path To A Six-Figure Coaching & Healing BusinessThat Transforms Lives!

My name is Ilsa, I am a spiritual nerd and

an intuitive business mentor. 

I help soulful entrepreneurs, healers & transformational leaders unlock their brilliance

and reach their first or next 6 figures with ease by marrying step by step marketing strategies with deep energetic work & Quantum Alignment!

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in getting booked out without any of the burnout.

Your Unique Path to Unlock Your Genius & Get Booked Out Without Burnout!


In the 6-Figure Freedom Formula, you will learn to create a profitable business from the ground up.


You will be given everything you need to reach six figures with ease. From creating an irresistible offer and compelling message to strategies to easily grow your audience and enroll all the ideal clients your heart desires...without overwhelm, complicated tech, doing big launches that drain your soul or wasting the day away on social media.

Here is some of what you will learn:

  • Clarify your niche and message, and design offers that showcase your gifts, are in absolute alignment with your soul, honor your time and dazzle your ideal clients.

  • Learn all my step by step fail-proof strategies for growing your audience fast, building authority in your field, and starting magnetic conversations to attract tons of highly qualified leads. 

  • Receive all my secrets and tips for creating amazing content that speaks to and nurture your ideal clients and gets them to raise their hand to work with you.

  • Design your custom playbook for getting booked out without burnout or overwhelm. 

Following my  3-Step Process (including my Messenger Magic method) you will design a business model that is simple and takes less than 10 hours a week to execute and fill your calendar


The strategies I teach you are not only profitable but enjoyable and will allow you to creates twice the results with half of the work, half the effort and in half the time.


The Six-Figure Freedom Foundation is all about ease, flow and freedom. It is all about growing a business that not only lights up your soul but also fills your bank account...without having to work harder or be out of authenticity and integrity. 

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Who is this for...


  • You are either starting out or ready to take your business to next level with a lot more ease, and need a reliable and simple framework you can follow.

  • You are frustrated and feel like you are working way too hard for unsatisfying or insufficient results. 

  • You are tired of feeling stuck, lost and confused and desire a reliable way to always know the next right step to expand yourself, attract clients and and grow your business with ease.

  • You are committed to creating a thriving business and need a process to help you create a message, offer and marketing process that not only lights you up, but is clear and compelling to your ideal clients .

  • You have had enough with wasting your time and money on gurus and coaches who are completely disconnected from the reality of attracting clients and keep recommending strategies that feel soul sucking to you and are ready for a few simple strategies that work now.

  • You are done spinning your wheels, following every shiny object, distracting yourself, procrastinating and being stuck in perfectionism and analysis-paralysis. You are ready to fill your business with ideal clients.

  • You are an action taker who is ready to invest in yourself and your business and do the work.

If you recognize yourself in these words, then you and I are meant to work together and The Six-Figure Freedom Formula is exactly what you need.

Discover Your Unique and Energetically Aligned Path To Limitless Income & Limitless Impact!



The Six - Figure Freedom Formula 90 Day Program


You will be given access right away to the video trainings and worksheets to enroll clients quickly, consistently and authentically with ease. 


- During the program you will: 

  • Clarify your Vision for a highly profitable as well as fulfilling business. (Module 1)

  • Decide on your perfect niche and elevate your ideal client. (Module 2)

  • Discover your secret sauce and what makes your work unique. (Module 3)

  • Craft a masterful message so your people know exactly what you do and how you can help them.(Module 3)

  • Design your signature process and put together an irresistible offer that clients will want to buy. I will also provide you with bonus material on pricing your offers in a way that honors you, your client and your bank account and creates a business that you love to run over the long term.(Module 4)

  • Learn the 6 types of content you need to consistently put out to nurture and convert your audience into buyers. (Module 5)

  • Learn my super easy strategy that will add 100+ potential clients to your audience month after month in less than 10 minutes a day. (Module 6)

  • Master my Messenger Magic Method to easily turn connections into clients. (Module 7)


You will receive:

  • Video trainings and worksheets going over my whole process to get you booked out without burnout, as well as all the bonus trainings.

  • Three 75-minute 1:1 Business Breakthrough Intensives with me to help you design your irresistible offer, map out your marketing blueprint and answer any question you have. (One session in month 1, 2 and 3.)

  1. Aligned Niche and Messaging - During this 75 minute intensive we will realign and elevate your niche and ideal client and craft your messaging to be unique, completely authentic to your highest level soul work and compelling to your highest level clients.

  2. Aligned Offer -  During this 75 minute intensive we will realign and elevate your offer or suite of offers, your delivery method and pricing  to be in complete alignment and authenticity to your highest level soul work, your financial goals and to be compelling to your highest level clients.

  3. Aligned Lead Gen and Marketing - During this 75 minute intensive we will design your marketing and client attraction process to be fun, fulfilling, and an energetic match to you so you can grab your ideal client's attention and interest with ease.

  • 6 Intimate Group coaching sessions to make sure you always know what to do next. Bring your questions and let's brainstorm. (2 group Q&A sessions per month over 90 days - Held the first and third Friday of the month at 11AM PST / 1PM EST.)

- Bonus Trainings to help you claim your brilliance and the discover the unwavering mindset you need to stay in inspired action and become unstoppable. 

  1.  Bonus video training - Alignment in business

  2. Bonus video training - 8 Rules of success that will help you fill your schedule and sell out your offers faster and with more ease. 

  3. Bonus video training - The 7 qualities of the highly successful transformational entrepreneurs I know personally. 

  4. Bonus video training - Unlocking real wealth and impact in your business from the inside out.

  5. Bonus video training - The 6 main reasons people don’t buy & the simple tweaks you can make to increase your sales.


  • Paid in full - $1495 ($200 saving)

  • Payment Plan - $795 followed by 2 payments of $450 ($1695 total).

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Below are a few of my clients' success in their own words...

"Ilsa is so good at what she does, she made it simple for me, step by step, I figured out how I wanted to help people, what I wanted to offer, how to price it and how to move forward and be courageous in growing my friend list and connecting with people. I went from nothing and no idea to an actual business and working with my first clients. I am for ever grateful."

— Katherine J. Austin, TX Love Coach


“It feels like I have accomplished more in my holistic practice in the thee months I have worked with Ilsa than I have in the last two years, seriously. Now I have a badass offer that I love, so much clarity on my message and who I serve and my confidence and ability to put myself out there is through the roof. Ilsa will help you design a great offer you feel proud of and give you a simple step by step roadmap to grow your followers and share your work with them. It is so so worth it, I would have happily paid a lot more.” — Elizabeth M, Boulder, CO Holistic Health Coach


"In the time I have worked with Ilsa I went from a nonexistent frustrating and disorganized coaching hobby to an actual business that has a clear direction, systems and clients! I am now developing my group program and proud to call myself a leadership & confidence coach."

— Tammy D. Columbus OH Leadership & Confidence Coach


"I have been an energy healer for 20+ years, but I knew nothing about running a business, especially not online. Working with Ilsa, I was able to figure it all out without becoming a tech genius. She helped me clarify and create a great offer and freebie and most importantly showed me where to find my ideals clients and start conversations with them. Now I am creating a six month group program for more freedom. I look at healing practice a year ago and I look at it now and it is literally not the same business." — Jana H. Sydney, Australia. Shamanic Healer


My name is Ilsa Comte Adair, and I look forward to taking this journey with you.
I am a published author, licensed psychotherapist, healer and intuitive business growth alchemist.

I started out almost 20 years ago as a therapist and energy worker. Over time I began to work with many soulful and sensitive entrepreneurs around anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination and self- sabotage. Being a soulful entrepreneur is not easy and it can be a lonely journey.

As I grew my practice, I invested in my own mentorship around  marketing, copywriting, and sales training, then began to include that in my work as well.

I developed a unique and powerful process that merges strategy, energy and community to help healers and transformational coaches grow their audience and enroll clients with ease to create the impact and income they desire and deserve. I am passionate and committed to helping soulful entrepreneurs be seen online, serve their heart out and soar.

The thing you want to know that is important is that I didn’t start out as a business coach, I started out just like you, as a practitioner in private practice, so I know what it takes to grow a healing, coaching and transformational business from a place of alignment, and everything I teach is tried and true.

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"I have been a somatic psychotherapist and struggling for nearly a decade...

...trying to find my area of expertise and who I want to serve. Then comes Covid and everything stopped, I was beyond stressed when I found Ilsa in one of her amazing videos. Over the last few months she has helped me have some real clarity on what my true authentic desires and message are in my work and how to pivot my practice online, start building a community and market myself effectively. Already I am seeing more results and making more money than before and with a lot more space and freedom then I had in my brick and mortar business. I absolutely recommend her program! if you are stuck or wanting to change things up without all the confusion and overwhelm, then she will help you."

- Elizabeth B. NY, NY Somatic Psychotherapist

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