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Rewire your Nervous System, Life & Business for Easeful Receiving, Expansive Growth & Joyful Wealth.

My name is Ilsa, I am a spiritual nerd, a Licensed Psychotherapist, an Expansion Expert and Aligned Business Strategist.

I teach Soulful entrepreneurs and transformational leaders how to regulate and recode their nervous system for expansive growth and radical receiving, and how to rewire their business for authentic authority, easeful client attraction and enrollment & wealth.

I look forward to connecting and supporting you to reach your goals and build a successful business that nourishes your soul, your bank account and the world.

Wired For Wealth!

Unlock Your Unique Genius & Discover Your Aligned Path to Easeful & Joyful Success!


I marry simple business strategies with Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Work (and a little soul work) to help soulful and purpose driven entrepreneurs and transformational leaders release what is keeping them small, stuck and silent and unlock their ability to receive more of everything they want - more clarity and confidence, more clients, more visibility & influence, more money, more fulfillment, ease & joy, and more opportunities - in a way that feels simple and nourishing.


I take you through a proven pathway to rewire you and your business for easeful and enjoyable client attraction / enrollment, increased visibility and recognition, and high ticket sales & wealth. 


Together we will discover the Golden Thread at the heart of your work, ignite and articulate a message that will captivate and motivate your audience to step forward and want to work with you, and we'll create your custom playbook for growing your business in a way that completely honors you, your clients and your financial goals. We'll design an aligned model that sets you up to grow and scale your business with ease and enjoyment over the long-term. 


Over the years I have invested in learning to not only be an amazing practitioner but also a confident business woman. I love to see my clients inspire and contribute their gift to the world, while making a wonderful living doing what they love.

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~ Wired For Wealth Breakthrough Intensive ~ (offered at at 55% off for new clients)

I offer new clients a 90 minute Deep Dive Intensive at 55% off ($149).

​This is for you if you are ready to work with me and want to experience the work.

During this breakthrough Intensive, we'll partner together to explore nervous system expansion and rewire your life and business: 

  • We'll explore and identify the main nervous system blocks that are are getting in your way of radical receiving and expansive growth life, love, business and leadership.

  • We'll identify your specific goals and create your unique and strategic roadmap to creating wealth in your life, your relationships, your work and finances, in a way that truly delights and nourishes all of you.

After our 90 minute process, we'll explore which of my programs or packages is most appropriate for you moving forward.

I Look Forward to Helping You Succeed Without Stressing, Second Guessing, Spinning or Sabotaging.

Get All The Details & Book Yours HERE.

Discover Your Unique and Energetically Aligned Path To Limitless Income & Limitless Impact!



~ Ongoing Business Growth Mentorship & Coaching Programs ~

Make It Rain - 6 weeks 1:1 VIP Immersive Experience -- Are you ready to Make It Rain in 2023 by rewiring your business & nervous system for wealth?

 Over six Weeks we will meet for five 90 -120 minute deep dive intensives (up to 10 hours 1:1 with me) to design your most aligned, accelerated and easeful path to high ticket sales and easeful success. Together we'll create a clear roadmap and step by step plan to grow your business and we'll start the process of expanding and recoding your nervous system for radical receiving, so you can show up powerfully, attract exquisite fit clients and get behind your price and sell your high ticket offer consistently & confidently. These custom sessions will be focused on you and what you need to break through and get to your next level in your business while maximizing ease and simplicity.


---- Session 1 - Nervous System and Business Block Assessment & Rewiring: During this two hour assessment we will look at your entire nervous system and business from top to bottom, define what is not working and what shifts you desire to make and where you are being held back internally. You will walk away with a clear road map for our work together and some simple steps you can start to put in place right away. 


-- Nervous System Expansion & recoding Work - I will teach you the hatching process to rewire your nervous system and how to use it to rewire your business.

---- Session 2 - Master Your Message:  You and I will discover the Golden Thread of your work, your unique positioning and we'll master your message so you can speak about your work in a way that is clear and compelling to your exquisite fit clients.


-- Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Work: We will focus on rewiring your nervous system so you can feel safe, empowered and worthy to show up powerfully, take space and be the giant you were born to be in your life and business.

---- Session 3 - Your Quantum Leap Offer: We will design your life changing & lucrative High Ticket Quantum Leap Offer (or upgrade one of your current offers). A Quantum Leap Offer is a premium offer that highlights your highest level work and transformation. This offer quantum leaps you financially and it creates a quantum Leap transformation for your clients.​ Together we will unearth what that highest level work, that most transformative offer is for you right now, making sure that you are not holding back or playing small and we will price it at the level it deserves. 


-- Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Work: We will focus on rewiring your nervous system so you can feel safe, empowered and worthy to claim the fullness of your gifts and ask to be paid generously for your sacred work.

---- Session 4 - Your Aligned Marketing Roadmap: We will create a simple step by step aligned marketing roadmap you will use to sell out your offer and grow your business. 

-- Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Work: We will focus on rewiring your nervous system so you can feel safe expressing yourself fully and becoming visible and safely seen in your brilliance.

---- Session 5 - Your Sovereign Selling System. We will figure out the holes in moving people from basically strangers to committed exquisite fit clients and design a simple process to qualify clients before you get on a call with them so you never again waste your time on a call with someone who is not ready to buy or an exquisite fit client. I will also give you powerful questions you can use to guide people to a yes with ease and confidence. 


-- Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Work: We will focus on rewiring your nervous system so you can feel safe, empowered and worthy to enroll premium clients with ease and enjoyment.



---- Bonus: 5 module mini course, Awakening Radical Trust In Your Business - Reclaim Your Ability To Effortlessly Create & Receive The Results You Desire Fast! 


- You will also receive the replay of each of our session so you can review them any time you desire.

-- The investment for the Make It Rain 6 week Immersive Experience is: $1999

(three pay option available)

Get All The Details & Book Yours HERE.

Emergence - My 1:1 Hybrid Program

Emergence Includes:

-- One or Two 75 minute 1:1 deep dive Expansion Sessions with me every month, to design your most easeful, enjoyable and accelerated path to success. We'll focus on both nervous system recoding work, expansion hacking and execution of aligned growth strategies. We'll work on your mindset and inner expansion to make sure you don't play small, procrastinate or sabotage your efforts and on creating and helping you execute the customized strategies we design for your growth and success. These sessions will be focused on you and what you need to thrive and get to your next level in your life, relationships and business.​​​


-- You will also get access to my Intimate Expansion Incubators. These are like small group office hours where you can drop in to receive individualized mini 15 minute sessions to ask a question, work through anything, get unstuck or brainstorm and mastermind in your life and work. Two calls a month held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 11AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7PM London time. You will also have access to any business growth training or expansion retreat I do live during our time together free of charge.

-- Bonus access to my Expansion Content Vault with 50 + success and visibility trainings and Expansion Retreats held within our community membership group and video vault.


--- The investment for the Emergence Monthly Mentorship Program:

- One Monthly 75 Minute 1:1 Intensive + 2 monthly Intimate Expansion Incubators + Access to The Success Training and Expansion Retreat Vault --> $325 /month (Five months minimum commitment)

- Two monthly 75 minute 1:1 Intensive + 2 monthly Intimate Expansion Incubators and Access to The Success Training and Expansion Retreat Vault --> $525 /month (Five months minimum commitment).

This program is for you if your focus is strategy with mindset, Nervous System Recoding and Expansion Work as a support to accelerate your results. We will create customize strategies for your growth and success and support your execution and ability to receive the results you desire with the necessary inner expansion work.

To start working together book a 90 minute Wired for Wealth Breakthrough Intensive HERE. 

Transcendence - Rewire Your Nervous System & Business For Radical Receiving, Joyful  Visibility & Easeful Wealth!

Step out of the trance of everything you think you cannot be, do or have, and step into the dance of everything that is possible, that is transcendence!

Welcome to my highest and most transformative 1:1 Identity Shifting Expansion Incubator, where we regulate and recode your nervous system for expansive growth and radical receiving, and rewire your business for authentic authority, easeful client attraction & enrollment and Joyful wealth.


Through this program, you'll become the version of you that gets to create deeply fulfilling results in your life and work and grow your business in a way that delights and nourishes, both your soul and your bank account.

Transcendence Includes:

-- One 2.5 hour Breakthrough Intensive to assess and identify the degree to which each block is holding your back and create your unique and strategic roadmap to success.

-- 22 deep dive 1:1 sessions, usually completed over 7 months (~3 sessions a month) focusing on each code. (Upon request the program can be stretched out to 11 months (~2 sessions a month))

Code 1 — Claiming the Giant Within Code

Code 2 — Awaken To Your Deepest Desires Code

Code 3 — Radical Self Love Code

Code 4 — Radical Ease Code

Code 5 — Radical Self Trust Code

Code 6 — I Am Completely Supported By Life Code

Code 7 — Authentic Self Expression & Visibility Code

Code 8 — Ask Powerfully to Receive Code 

Code 9 — Premium Pricing Code 

Code 10 — AlI I Do is Win Code 

Code 11 — Collapsing Time Code

Code 12 — There is Always More Than Enough Code

Code 13 — Total Freedom Code

Code 14 — Enroll More Clients with Ease Code

Code 15 — It Is All Working For Me Code

Code 16 — Release The Past Code

Code 17 — Make More Money with Ease Code

Code 18 — Radical Belonging & Trusting Others Code

Code 19 — Radical Receiving Code

Code 20 — Enrolling Premium Clients Code

Code 21 — Master Creator Code

Code 22 — Luminous Leader Code

(If any of the codes do not apply to your unique situation they will be shifted to fit you. This protocol is always unique to each individual's enfolding)

---- Our 90 minute sessions will include:

  • The full Nervous System Expansion & Recoding Protocol - during the first 30 - 45 minute of each session you and I work together intimately to heal and release the 22 Nervous System Wounds that block success and download new codes that will allow you to safely expand your nervous system and rewire you and your business for ease, freedom, pleasure, easeful client attraction, visibility & influence, rapid results and of course wealth.


  • The second part of the session will be dedicated to rewiring and shifting your life, relationships and business for ease, joy, impact and wealth, from the perspective of your new expanded nervous system. We'll elevate your messaging and offers, your marketing, your selling process, model and frameworks to be in complete alignment with the results and lifestyle you desire. Over our time together, as you repair, rewire and recode your nervous system, unlock your potential, and embody the most sovereign version of you, your work will shift to match you. Slowly you will redesign your entire business from a place of wholeness to be in resonance with who you are becoming and with what is possible at the highest level for you and your work. 

Your business will be a deep source of inspiration, growth and fulfillment, you will have access to your highest level soul work and you will feel deeply nourished emotionally, spiritually and financially.  


You'll be able to show up powerfully and confidently, be paid abundantly and receive what you desire with a lot more ease, delight and freedom.

---- You'll also receive:

-- 23 Recoding Modules. You'll receive one introductory module that will walk you through the role of the nervous system in creating and receiving wealth and success and help you assess the degree to which you feel each block is hindering you and sabotaging your growth and expansion. Followed by 22 short modules, delivered to you before each session, on each of the wounds blocking you and on the recode we will be doing together. Each of these modules will have a short video and come with a couple question you can inquire into and journal about to help you come to the expansion and recoding session prepared.


-- 23+ Expansion Hacks delivered in between sessions to help keep your nervous system open, relaxed and in the receiving state and support your growth and expansion. 

-- 3 Monthly small group Expansion Incubators for extra support. These are like intimate office hours where you can drop in to receive individualized mini 15 minute sessions to work through what shows up in between your private sessions, move through blocks or brainstorm and mastermind in your business. Two Sessions a month held on the second and fourth Wednesday of the month at 11AM PST / 2 PM EST / 7PM London time.

-- You and I will have a Private Online Journal where all the modules, all the supportive expansion practices and the link to the replays of all our session will be held. This will give you a central and personal place where you will always have an easy access to everything we do together so you can review, repeat and expand your process at any time.

--  As a bonus, you'll also receive access to my training & retreat vault, where you'll find 50 + courses & trainings and any replays of live business workshops and expansion retreats. Feel free to dive in, to pick and choose what interests you or to ignore it altogether. If there is a workshop or retreat I recommend for you personally I will let you know. You will also have access to any business growth training or expansion retreat I do live during our time together free of charge.

-- The investment for Transcendence is $5555 (Payment Plans Available)

To find our more and make sure this is the right program for you, book a 30 minute chat with me HERE.


What I offer is Soulful Success...

  • Without stressing, second guessing, pushing or sabotaging,

  • Without overwhelm or abandoning yourself,

  • Without complicated tech or ads,

  • Without doing big launches that drain your soul or complicated sales funnels,

  • Without wasting the day away on social media (unless you want to 😊). 


Even if...

  • You are an introvert,

  • You don't have a big list or audience,

  • You think you are totally ordinary and everyone is doing something similar (I will help you discover how extraordinary you actually really are 😊).


Below are a few of my clients' success in their own words...

"Ilsa is so good at what she does, she made it simple for me, step by step, I figured out how I wanted to help people, what I wanted to offer, how to price it and how to move forward and be courageous in growing my friend list and connecting with people. I went from nothing and no idea to an actual business and working with my first clients. I am for ever grateful."

— Katherine J. Austin, TX Love Coach


“It feels like I have accomplished more in my holistic practice in the thee months I have worked with Ilsa than I have in the last two years, seriously. Now I have a badass offer that I love, so much clarity on my message and who I serve and my confidence and ability to put myself out there is through the roof. Ilsa will help you design a great offer you feel proud of and give you a simple step by step roadmap to grow your followers and share your work with them. It is so so worth it, I would have happily paid a lot more.” — Elizabeth M, Boulder, CO Holistic Health Coach


"In the time I have worked with Ilsa I went from a nonexistent frustrating and disorganized coaching hobby to an actual business that has a clear direction, systems and clients! I am now developing my group program and proud to call myself a leadership & confidence coach."

— Tammy D. Columbus OH Leadership & Confidence Coach


"I have been an energy healer for 20+ years, but I knew nothing about running a business, especially not online. Working with Ilsa, I was able to figure it all out without becoming a tech genius. She helped me clarify and create a great offer and freebie and most importantly showed me where to find my ideals clients and start conversations with them. Now I am creating a six month group program for more freedom. I look at healing practice a year ago and I look at it now and it is literally not the same business." — Jana H. Sydney, Australia. Shamanic Healer




Who is this for...


  • You are ready to take your business to next level with a lot more ease, and need a reliable and simple framework you can follow.

  • You are frustrated and feel like you are working way too hard for unsatisfying or insufficient results. 

  • You are tired of feeling stuck, lost and confused and desire a reliable way to always know the next right step to expand yourself, attract clients and and grow your business with ease.​

  • You are committed to creating a thriving business and need a process to help you create a message, offer and marketing process that not only lights you up, but is clear and compelling to your ideal clients.

  • You have had enough with wasting your time and money on gurus and coaches who are completely disconnected from the reality of attracting clients and keep recommending strategies that feel soul sucking to you and are ready for a few simple strategies that work now.

  • You are done spinning your wheels, following every shiny object, distracting yourself, procrastinating and being stuck in perfectionism and analysis-paralysis. You are ready to fill your business with ideal clients.

  • You are an action taker who is ready to invest in yourself and your business and do the work.

If you recognize yourself in these words, then you you are in the right place. I designed all my programs with you in mind and more than likely you and I are meant to work together.


My name is Ilsa Comte Adair, and I look forward to taking this journey with you.
I am a published author, licensed psychotherapist, healer and intuitive business growth alchemist.

I started out almost 20 years ago as a therapist and energy worker. Over time I began to work with many soulful and sensitive entrepreneurs around anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination and self- sabotage. Being a soulful entrepreneur is not easy and it can be a lonely journey.

As I grew my practice, I invested in my own mentorship around  marketing, copywriting, and sales training, then began to include that in my work as well.

I developed a unique and powerful process that merges strategy, energy and community to help healers and transformational coaches grow their audience and enroll clients with ease to create the impact and income they desire and deserve. I am passionate and committed to helping soulful entrepreneurs be seen online, serve their heart out and soar.

The thing you want to know that is important is that I didn’t start out as a business coach, I started out just like you, as a practitioner in private practice, so I know what it takes to grow a healing, coaching and transformational business from a place of alignment, and everything I teach is tried and true.

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"I have been a somatic psychotherapist and struggling for nearly a decade...

...trying to find my area of expertise and who I want to serve. Then comes Covid and everything stopped, I was beyond stressed when I found Ilsa in one of her amazing videos. Over the last few months she has helped me have some real clarity on what my true authentic desires and message are in my work and how to pivot my practice online, start building a community and market myself effectively. Already I am seeing more results and making more money than before and with a lot more space and freedom then I had in my brick and mortar business. I absolutely recommend her program! if you are stuck or wanting to change things up without all the confusion and overwhelm, then she will help you."

- Elizabeth B. NY, NY Somatic Psychotherapist

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