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Rewire your Nervous System, Life & Business for Ease, Joy
& Wealth. name is Ilsa, I am a spiritual nerd, a psychotherapist, an expansion expert and 

strategist in private practice for over 17 years.

I help purpose driven entrepreneurs and soulful leaders receive at radically new level and grow expansively in a way that delights them and supports their nervous system.


Create a fulfilling life, deeply nourishing relationships and thriving business without stressing, second guessing, pushing or sabotaging.


I look forward to supporting you!

~ Wired For Wealth Breakthrough Intensives at 55% Off For New Clients  ~

If you feel like you are holding yourself back and you are ready to create a life and business that truly nourishes and delights all of you -- from your heart, to your body, to your bank account -- in partnership with your nervous system, then let’s do some deep expansion work together. 

I offer new clients a Deep Dive Breakthrough Intensive at 55% off ($175, normal price $390).


This call is for you if you want to start working with me. Consider this 1:1 intensive your deep dive introduction to Nervous System Expansion and rewiring yourself and your business for peaceful growth, consistent results, easeful receiving and joyful wealth. 


During this 90 minute + intensive we'll partner together to expand and rewire your nervous system and create radical receiving in life, love, business & leadership:

  • We'll explore and identify the main nervous system blocks that are are getting in your way of radical receiving and expansive growth in your life, and business.

  • We'll identify your specific goals and create your unique and strategic roadmap to creating wealth in your life, your relationships, your work and finances, in a way that truly delights and nourishes all of you.

  • We'll discover the missing experience that is keeping your stuck and I'll teach you my proprietary Hatching Process to recode your nervous system and expand your identity so you can feel safe being truly seen and receiving everything your desire in your life, relationships and business.  

  • Finally, if we desire to continue working together, we'll explore which of my programs or packages might fit your needs and budget  (This will be done after our 90 minute intensive.) 


You Will Also Receive:

  • A cheatsheet with the step by step description of the process for future reference.

  • If requested by you, I will also record our session, so you can listen to it over and over. 

I Look Forward to Helping You Succeed Without Stressing, Second Guessing, Spinning or Sabotaging.



Discover Your Unique and Aligned Path To A Nourishing & Prosperous Life and A Business You Love!


Working with me my clients receive:

  • Nervous system rewiring and recoding work, energetic breakthroughs, healing, mindset shifts and rule & block breaking magic to release what holds them back, expand their nervous system and reclaim their innate wisdom, power & sovereignty. No more playing small or staying stuck!

  • Simple step-by-step strategies to increase leadership, scale your business with ease and finally be paid what you deserve.

 What I offer is Soulful Success, the experience of receiving and having more than enough in your life, relationships, work and wealth...

  • Without stressing, second guessing, spinning, pushing, pulling or sabotaging,

  • Without overwhelm or abandoning yourself,

  • Without following strategies that drain your soul or put you in hustle and grind mode,


Even if...

  • You are an introvert,

  • You think you are totally ordinary and everyone is doing something similar or better than you (I will help you discover how unique and extraordinary you actually are).

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Below are a few of my clients' success in their own words...


"Ilsa is so good at what she does, she made it simple for me, step by step, I figured out how I wanted to help people, what I wanted to offer, how to price it and how to move forward and be courageous in growing my friend list and connecting with people. I went from nothing and no idea to an actual business and working with my first clients. I am for ever grateful."

— Katherine J. Austin, TX Love Coach


“It feels like I have accomplished more in my holistic practice in the thee months I have worked with Ilsa than I have in the last two years, seriously. Now I have a badass offer that I love, so much clarity on my message and who I serve and my confidence and ability to put myself out there is through the roof. Ilsa will help you design a great offer you feel proud of and give you a simple step by step roadmap to grow your followers and share your work with them. It is so so worth it, I would have happily paid a lot more.” — Elizabeth M, Boulder, CO Holistic Health Coach


"In the time I have worked with Ilsa I went from a nonexistent frustrating and disorganized coaching hobby to an actual business that has a clear direction, systems and clients! I am now developing my group program and proud to call myself a leadership & confidence coach."

— Tammy D. Columbus OH Leadership & Confidence Coach


"I have been an energy healer for 20+ years, but I knew nothing about running a business, especially not online. Working with Ilsa, I was able to figure it all out without becoming a tech genius. She helped me clarify and create a great offer and freebie and most importantly showed me where to find my ideals clients and start conversations with them. Now I am creating a six month group program for more freedom. I look at healing practice a year ago and I look at it now and it is literally not the same business." — Jana H. Sydney, Australia. Shamanic Healer



My name is Ilsa Comte Adair, and I look forward to taking this journey with you.
I am a published author, licensed psychotherapist, healer and intuitive business growth alchemist.

I started out almost 20 years ago as a therapist and energy worker. Over time I began to work with many soulful and sensitive entrepreneurs around anxiety, burnout, imposter syndrome, overwhelm, perfectionism, procrastination and self- sabotage. Being a soulful entrepreneur is not easy and it can be a lonely journey.

As I grew my practice, I invested in my own mentorship around  marketing, copywriting, and sales training, then began to include that in my work as well.

I developed a unique and powerful process that merges strategy, energy and community to help healers and transformational coaches grow their audience and enroll clients with ease to create the impact and income they desire and deserve. I am passionate and committed to helping soulful entrepreneurs be seen online, serve their heart out and soar.

The thing you want to know that is important is that I didn’t start out as a business coach, I started out just like you, as a practitioner in private practice, so I know what it takes to grow a healing, coaching and transformational business from a place of alignment, and everything I teach is tried and true.

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Does This Sound Like You?


  • You are frustrated and feel like you are working way too hard for unsatisfying or insufficient results. You long for a way that feels simpler, more authentic and aligned to you and creates results with a lot more ease and joy.

  • You are tired of feeling stuck, lost and confused and desire a reliable way to always know the next right step to expand yourself and grow your life and business with ease.

You struggle describing your unique gifts and their amazing value and need a process to help you talk your walk in a way that is clear and compelling. 

  • You have had enough with wasting your time and money on gurus and coaches who are completely disconnected from the reality of everyday life and work. You are done with big cookie cutter programs where getting personal attention is impossible. You want to sit the f*ck down with someone with expertise and have a safe place to really explore without feeling rushed or pressured, so you can do some deep work and figure this sh*t out in a way that is completely customized and unique to you! (without it costing you your kid’s college fund.)

  • You are done spinning your wheels, following every shiny object, distracting yourself, procrastinating and being stuck in perfectionism and analysis-paralysis. You are ready to grow, to shift your energy and to follow a process that will allow you to receive at a radical new level and in a way that feels deeply nourishing to your heart as well as your bank account. You are an action taker who is ready to invest in yourself and do the work.

If you recognize yourself in these words, then you and I are meant to work together, I invite you to click the linl below and book your Intensive at 55% off.


"I have been a somatic psychotherapist and struggling for nearly a decade...

...trying to find my area of expertise and who I want to serve. Then comes Covid and everything stopped, I was beyond stressed when I found Ilsa in one of her amazing videos. Over the last few months she has helped me have some real clarity on what my true authentic desires and message are in my work and how to pivot my practice online, start building a community and market myself effectively. Already I am seeing more results and making more money than before and with a lot more space and freedom then I had in my brick and mortar business. I absolutely recommend her program! if you are stuck or wanting to change things up without all the confusion and overwhelm, then she will help you."

- Elizabeth B. NY, NY Somatic Psychotherapist

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