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Welcome to the Happy in Love Program

Merging Counseling, Coaching and Powerful Experiential Practices 

to Find Love & Transform your Relationship...with Ease!

Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.  ― Rumi

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Are your ready to be Happy in Love?

This Therapeutic Energy Mastery Coaching Program has been crafted with great care to bring about real results in your love life. This program will help you attract and create a relationship that uplifts and nourishes you, without compromising or losing yourself. I will help you become irresistible in love and finally be in a relationship that appreciates and celebrates who you truly are. 


All the courses offer therapeutic coaching on how to attract and create the relationship of your dreams, while providing a space for you to explore emotional wounds and limiting or sabotaging beliefs and stories that might be running the show behind the scene and keeping you stuck and disconnected from love. Each session will provide deep release and repair of these unconscious blocks, wounds and stories through intuitive healing and transformational practices, because you can have all the knowledge and skills in the world, if your energy, heart and mindset are constricted, it will be a lot more difficult to make long lasting positive changes in love and life. My aim is to bring real results with ease and joy. The program is both for:

1- Single women who want to unlock their inner game and mindset to attract love and create an amazing relationship. (For more details on this program click HERE)

2- Women who are currently in a relationship but feel unhappy, unmet and disconnected and want to shift themselves and the relationship so they can finally feel connected, intimate and at peace with their partner. This program also includes a way to do the program as a couple. (For More details on this program click HERE)

Our program consists of multiple options. We have a six month intensive deep dive coaching program, and multiple shorter courses, each diving deeply into particular aspects of giving and receiving love, healing blocks, and attracting and creating amazing relationships. Women who immerse themselves into the Happy in Lo, heal and expand their energy, heart, mindset and vision to easily and quickly attract the right partner, and / or create the connected, intimate relationship they long for. Through this powerful program you will finally get the love you deserve and feel seen, connected and fulfilled.

Love is the greatest gift of human life. This amazing healing journey is designed to help you break free of the eddy of aloneness, back into the flow of love. Whether you are single and can’t seem to meet the right partner, or feel completely unmet and disconnected in your current relationship, this program is for you.

Core Focus in the Happy in Love Program:


1. Healing wounds, clearing blocks and rewriting the stories that keep us stuck, disconnected and limited.

2. Activating a direct access to your wise inner love genius for calm, clarity and confidence. Your inner love genius is your very own well of wisdom. It provides expert guidance, that is just right for you, on what you need to heal, transform and do to attract and create the relationship of your dreams. 


3. Discovering a revolutionary and expanded mindset and vision that allows you to create and embody a new empowered reality and help you grow and thrive in love and life.

4. Embodying your bold, authentic and sovereign self to shine and become visible, powerful and irresistible in your love life and relationships. 

5. Gathering the knowledge and learning the skills needed to continuously evolve, make wise loving choices and take the next best action that will lead to a loving, intimate, playful and joyful relationship, and help you be happy in love, for good.

For all the details and curriculum to this program please click on the link that best represents you. Are you...

1. Single & Ready for Love

2. In a Relationship & Ready to Grow in Love

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