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Welcome to your Extraordinary Life! 

Merging Counseling, Coaching and Powerful Experiential Practices to Embody your Inner Wisdom, Actualize your Calling & Transform your Life...with Ease!


"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom." ― Anais Nin





A Method to Your Magic


In this one on one program, we will bring some magic to the practical, logical and realistic so that you can access the magical and amazing life you were born to live. Over the sessions, you will tap into into your intuitive genius and embody your bright bold self to lead a life of purpose with calm, clarity & confidence. This Therapeutic Coaching Program has been crafted with great care to bring about real results in any area of your life that is calling to be brought out of the shadows, expanded and materialized. This program will help you attract and create a life that fills you up, lifts you up and lights you up, without compromising, losing or abandoning yourself. I will help you step into your own wisdom and power, and embody your center with confidence, courage and inner authority to transform and create an extraordinary life.

The program will help you clarify which unrealized longing or aspiration feels essential to your joy and purpose. It will support you and encourage you to step into your brightest and boldest self to create your dream life, and it will provide a safe space for you to explore emotional wounds, limiting beliefs and sabotaging stories that might be running the show behind the scene and keeping you stuck, disconnected and playing small. This program will provide deep release and repair of these unconscious blocks through intuitive healing and transformational practices, while giving you a clear map to become the creator of your life. As you truly discover your deepest self and reinvent how you show up in the world, your life shifts, it is inevitable. My aim is to help you bring about real results with ease and joy.

Core Focus of The Inner Wisdom Way Therapeutic Coaching:

1. Heal the wounds, clear the blocks and rewrite the stories that keep you stuck, disconnected, limited and playing small.

2. Awaken a direct access to your inner wisdom and intuitive genius for calm, clarity and confidence. Your inner genius is your own well of wisdom, the inner light that lights your way. It provides expert guidance, that is just right for you, on what you need to heal, transform and do to change your life for good.

3. Connect and enter the flow of life to gather energy, create and step into a new empowered reality to grow and thrive in love and life.

4. Discover a revolutionary and expanded mindset and vision that allows you to easily embody your bold, authentic and sovereign self to shine and become joyful, centered and powerful in life, work and love.

5. Anchor the knowledge and learn the skills needed to continuously evolve, make wise loving choices and take the next best action that will lead to real long term transformation and continuous success. Design a life filled with joy, passion and purpose. Finally feel at peace, have fun again and love your life.








Activating Your Extraordinary Life Program (The 6 keys to The Inner Wisdom Way)


• Module 1. Clarity 

In this module you will define the longing or unfulfilled desire you wish to create in your near future. We will look at all the major areas of your life - Love, Health, Prosperity and Abundance, Creative Endeavors, Inspiring and Purposeful Work, Spirituality, Self Growth, Meaning and Fulfillment, and Social Connections. We will explore what you feel most called to activate and realize to feel whole, inspired and actualized in your current life. Once we have Clarity on what is wanted and needed we can then move forward and dive into the creation process.

• Module 2. Connection 

In this module, you will connect directly to your inner genius, to the well of infinite wisdom and creativity that lives within you, and tune in for guidance, healing and energy. Your inner genius loves you and knows how to guide you to embody your greatness and move towards your most extraordinary life. Your inner genius shows you the way to manifest the dream life you deserve and long for. In this module you will also connect to source and the field of infinite possibilities and into the love and support of your ancestors and of your future self. Finally you will sense into the support that is already available all around you, in resources, gifts, creative ideas and abilities, friends, family and neighbors.


• Module 3. Calm 

In this module you will learn to relax and release to receive. I will give you practical exercises and practices to let go of the stress, doubt, fear, cynicism and negativity that might keep you and your creative juices constricted, stuck and limited and enter the filed of infinite possibilities.  Through this process you will tap into your bright and bold sovereignty to expand your mindset, vision and creative power.

• Module 4. Confidence 

In this module I will provide a deep healing, clearing and release of any unconscious blocks, wounds and limiting stories you hold so that your energy, heart and mindset can be expanded and empowered for long lasting positive changes your life. We will release your inner victim, your self saboteur, and anything within you that keeps you small, invisible and ineffective so that you can transcend unworthiness, not enoughness and fear and create the most uplifting, empowered and fulfilling version of the life you wish to manifest. This module will help you heal all that is no longer necessary or life enhancing as well as explore and embody your wholeness and welcome your brilliance. You will learn to truly sense into and trust your own power, express that power and discover you inner compass and intuition.


• Module 5. Creativity 

In this module, you will fully step into your own power and brilliance as a creator. This module will build on all the others and teach you how to allow your body, and mind and heart to soften, relax and expand into the field of infinite possibilities and start creating the highest vision for what you want and transforming your mindset, emotions and behaviors to mirror that vision. You will learn to connect to and trust the mysterious sea of love and life, entering into the flow to call forth your highest vision. In this module you will recognize, tune in and sync with the energy of your vision, with the energetic DNA of the transformation you wish to create, which will activate and catalyze a new reality.

• Module 6. Courage 

In this module you will find the courage to listen to, express and follow the authority of your deepest wisdom to activate your highest vision. As you step into your own power and authority, you will clarify your longing, intention and dream and take bold, confident actions towards courageously accessing your dream life and self actualization.

Every session will include powerful experiential practices, including transformational releases.

A few of the many guided healing & experiential practices included in the program:

- Releasing & transforming fear of failure

- Releasing & repairing our inner victim self, our invisible self & our self saboteur

- Releasing and repairing self worth and shame based distortions

- Releasing and repairing power wounds 

- Entering into your genius zone  

- Relaxing and releasing to receive meditation

- Deeply listening for guidance, The Inner Wisdom Way

- Qigong exercise to release stress & negativity.

- Connecting to your future self for wisdom and guidance

- Magnetizing our dream vision with our innate brilliance

- Embodying & claiming our sovereign self, our independence and loving power


This powerful program will help you revolutionize your life and manifest your dreams through therapeutic inquiries, experiential exercises, coaching & guided healing. Normally each module is worked through over one month, but the beauty of a self guided program, is that you and I will work at your own pace and sped the most amount of time where you need it.

The program is done over 6 months: 

• Each month you and I will meet twice (75 - 90 minute sessions) to go over the material and experience the guided healing and exercises and receive your homework (face to face or online). (A $2000 value)

• Each month you will receive two optional quick coaching sessions (15 - 25 minutes over the phone or online, priority booking) as needed, to go over any questions, confusion, blocks, insights or breakthroughs that comes up. (A $700 value) 

• You will have access to me through text or voice messages (by phone or messenger) in between sessions. (A $500 value)

• You will receive access to my 24/7 private group forum where you will get extra teachings, be able to ask any questions, share your experiences and receive extra support from me and our community of practitioners. (A $500 value)

Each module will include handouts and deepening practices to do at home.

The investment for this life changing program is one payment of $2497 or 6 payments of $437.

(Offered in person in Boulder, CO or online via Skype)

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