Business Coaching for Wellness, Transformational

& Spiritual Entrepreneurs...



I work with healers, yoga and meditation teachers, intuitives, holistic practitioners, and transformational coaches... helping them to grow their business and increase their visibility and impact in the world. If you help your clients heal or transform themselves or their life, and have a desire to grow your business, then I can help you get more clients and achieve the sucess you desire.

I know how much the world needs what you offer, and I know how many of us are amazing at what we do, but really struggle with having the impact and making the income we wish. This is why over the years I have invested in learning to not only be an amazing practitioner but also a strong business woman. I now pass on what I have learned and help my clients grow in all the ways they desire.

I love to see my clients inspire and contribute their gifts to the world, while making a wonderful living doing what they love, it is one of the most exciting and rewarding experience for me.

This one-on-one done with you program is held over 5 month. You get 2 - 3 short modules a month with video content, worksheets and homework to help you create the business and success you desire.  We meet twice a month to go over the material together and help you discover, design and  actualize the impact and income you wish to have in your business. the one on one design of this program allows for a very personalized and high touch experience, we are not growing any wellness business, we are growing your business.


  1. Pivoting your business online.

  2. Building a high touch business with built in flexibility and freedom.

  3. Discovering your big why and the clear message that will magnetize your clients to you.

  4. Activating your inner CEO

  5. Discovering your zone of genius and what you love to do and doing more of that.

  6. Clarifying the problem your clients have, their point A, and the results you offer, their point B

  7. Who is your ideal client?  Going for quality over quantity.

  8. Niching down or not?

  9. Becoming aware of and releasing our blocks around success.

  10. Defining the Pillars of your work so you can use it in your content and programs.

  11. Creating your different offers and packages with you in mind.

  12. Designing amazing content that is easy to deliver and will build know, love & trust with your clients.

  13. Your lead magnet and lead capture strategy. 

  14. Designing 30 days worth of content that you can repurpose over and over for ease and flexibility with great impact.  

  15. Positioning yourself as an expert and ways to boost credibility and confidence.

  16. The value and importance of self-care and working on your self so you are not the weak link of your business.

  17. Creating and Designing your offer or packages of offers

  18.  Coming up with great titles and descriptions that will attract clients without selling.

  19. How to own your worth and price based on the value and transformation you offer

  20. Scalability - How to scale so you are never overworked, but still making a great income and impact in the world.

  21. Where are your perfect clients and how to find them and call them to you?

  22. Designing your visibility and reach strategy so you can get the word out on what you offer.

  23. Choosing the right launch and marketing strategy for you.

  24. Sales and enrollment conversations.

  25. Embody a Millionaire mindset and release the block keeping you feeling not good enough, invisible and playing small.

  26. Your first 60 to 90 day business growth plan.

Here is what you get:

- 1 Initial Set for Success Assessment and Breakthrough Coaching Session (75 to 90 minutes)

- 13 modules with video content, worksheets and Homework to help you grow and thrive, delivered over 5 month (2-3 per month).

- 5 Set for Success Implementation Sessions (55 to 75 minutes each)

- 5 Breakthrough Quick Coaching Sessions (30 minutes each)

- 1 Set for Success Exit Session for continuous growth (75 to 90 minutes)

The investment for this in depth and life changing Business Coaching Program is $2950 or 6 easy payments of $550.

If you would like to schedule a free consultation to make sure this program is for you please email me at

ilsacomteadair or text me at 303.324.8204.

I look forward to helping you Ignite your passion and discover your purpose so you can inspire and impact the world the way you know is possible, while making an amazing income.

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