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& Spiritual Entrepreneurs...

Brainstorm to Success



I work with soulful, spiritual and purpose driven professionals, entrepreneurs and leaders (healers, yoga and meditation teachers, holistic practitioners, therapists, experts & transformational coaches) to release what is keeping them small, silent and stuck and help them claim their brilliance and own their worth.

I  help them access the clarity and confidence they need to powerfully position, package and promote themselves and their services so they can have more impact and make the money they desire and deserve. 


I know how much the world needs you and your work, and how many of us are amazing at what we do, but really struggle with having the impact and making the income we desire. 


Over the years I have invested in learning to not only be an amazing practitioner but also a confident business woman. I love to see my clients inspire and contribute their gift to the world, while making a wonderful living doing what they love.


• Some of what we cover:

(Because we work one on one, we will specifically mold the sessions to what you need to grow and thrive in your work.)


- Pivoting to online.

- Building a high touch, flexibility & freedom business and mindset.

- Discovering your big why & vision - Creating your bold vision of what you want to create & what you want to earn & putting your vision in action.

- Clarifying your mission and the branded message that will magnetize people to you & open doors.

- Discovering your zone of genius, what you love to do & doing more of that.

- Activating your inner compass so that you always know what inspired action to take.

- Becoming empowered, owning your genius & showing up fully so you can have the impact you desire and or significantly raise your rates.

- Clarifying the problem you solve & the results you offer and who you work with.

- Niching down or not?

- Releasing any blocks around success.

- Creating content, offers, packages & pricing that attracts clients while honoring you.

- Clarifying your process and program so you can easily speak about what you do and have an effective and repeatable framework to transform people's lives.

- Choosing the right marketing strategy for you.

- Putting in place an aligned and authentic process to create a flow of qualified potential clients you will love to work with.

- Soulful sales & enrollment conversations.

- Negotiating skillfully.

- Becoming the authority & expert in your field and owning your wisdom & worth completely.

- A 90 day growth plan.


Programs & Investment:

1. Business Brilliance Breakthrough Intensive (3 intensive deep dive sessions - 90 minutes each)- $750 - 2 payments of $375.  Paid in full discount $650 ($100 saving).

2. LEAP to Success Program (Liberated, Empowered, Aligned & well Paid! 6 month in-depth Journey) - Claim Your Brilliance, Share Your Wisdom and Get Paid Your Full Worth.


- Expand your authority, impact and income doing what you love & doing it your way. 

Dissolve the blocks and limiting beliefs that hold you back

- Claim your sacred unique path to more clients, more money and a lot more ease.

- Activate your inner compass for a simple and reliable way to receive guidance and answers from within.

Craft an amazing offer that transforms lives, honors your soul and fills your bank account.

- Create strategic and compelling content and clear messaging to attract your ideal client to you.

- Discover the right strategies to grow your audience and confidently  market and sell your offers...without struggle, hustle, overwhelm or self sabotage.

- Design a business that focuses on freedom and joy. If you don't love it, it's not success.

6 payments of $595 or 3 payments of $1095 ($285 saving) or Paid in full discount $3195 ($375 saving).

- What is included in LEAP:

  • 2 in depth 90 minute sessions a month for healing and releasing baggage and blocks and strategic and intuitive business training. (12 in total)

  • 6 quick shift sessions to answer questions, review your progress, keep you accountable and do rapid release to shift of your energy and mindset, use anytime in the program as needed. (20 minutes)

  • Homework and supportive information in between sessions as needed to help you break through to the next level of greatness and income - journaling prompts, activating statements, worksheets, actionable tasks and homework, trainings.

A powerful signature process that includes strategic business and marketing training along with energetic and intuitive mastery to help Soulful service based entrepreneurs create the impact, inspiration, location freedom and financial freedom they desire, with joyful ease, clarity and confidence. My clients get to create the life they want, doing what they love and doing it their way.

 I. Inner work and mindset for success:

  • Releasing and repairing wounds, blocks, baggage and beliefs that keep you stuck, struggling, silent, hiding out, scared, overwhelmed and busy making. While activating your innate genius and inner wisdom so you can embody your brilliance and boldness and take the courageous and creative actions that will create the results you want.t


II. Creating a soul led Offer:

  • Crafting  and designing a program or process you love to share and most importantly that your clients love and want to buy, that transforms their lives, honors your soul and create a life of freedom and financial independence for you. 


III. Marketing your way: 

  • Marketing and selling in a way that feels in integrity, aligned and authentic and brings to you the kind of clients you will love to work with. In this section we will put together a repeatable plan of action and create strategic content that draws the right people to you and consistently grows your business your way. You will also learn how to sell and enroll clients in a way that feels good, connected and gets results.

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